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As some may already know, financial planning has never been the Brazilian’s forte. When compared to other countries, the scenario is even worse – in a survey on financial terms, only 58% of Brazilians answered correctly, against an average of 78% in other countries.

Not if you plan well financially may not even be a problem at present, but you will undoubtedly be in the future. That is why the dreamed retirement, which should be a period of rest and enjoyment, ends up being often muddled by the specter of lack of money.

The good news is that getting back to work is not the only way out in these cases: the retiree loan can be the right help to solve financial problems.

Want to know more about how it works? Keep reading with us and find out!

Why ask for a loan if you are retired?

Why ask for a loan if you are retired?

All Brazilian wage earners, that is, those who have a formal contract and contribute monthly to the Social Security can receive their retirement in the future by the INSS.

Even those who own a small business and work as a self-employed person also have the right to retirement if they contribute to Social Security through their tax regime.

However, the amount you will receive and the age at which you can retire may vary according to the rules of the required contribution time and the income you have received throughout your life.

Thus, it is not uncommon to see retirees who find themselves on a lower income than they were accustomed to. Result: the bills at the end simply do not beat. This is where the retiree loan comes as a good option.

But how does the loan for retirees work?

But how does the loan for retirees work?

The retiree loan is a type of credit offered to those who have already retired and receive a provident income. It can be done entirely online, through your computer, tablet or even by cell phone.

The Mufixcredit retiree loan does not require the presentation of assets as collateral to be loaned, ie you need not submit more than a few data for evaluation by the chosen institution.

In general, they are requested to:

  • Personal data, such as name and CPF;
  • Cadastral, such as home address and e-mail;
  • Your INSS retirement can be used as your monthly income;
  • Bank details, which are only required for security and viewing of account movement, can not make any kind of movement in your account.

Is it possible to simulate the loan for retired?

Is it possible to simulate the loan for retired?

As the loan application process for retirees is carried out over the internet, you can also easily simulate the value and number of installments of your credit.

You make a simulation by an automatic calculator that already shows you all the conditions of the loan. When you find the ones that best fit your needs, you make the request by completing the information as listed above.

The evaluation is usually immediate and you receive a response soon after the registration is completed on the site. If approved, the money will go to your account within 48 hours.